Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Third Island?

Washington Island, Wisconsin: that's one.

Crooked Island, Bahamas: that's two.

The third (eye)land? Think of it as the view between.

Traditional Indian yogis identified seven main chakras (powerful energy centers) in the body, vertically ascending from the spine’s base to the crown of the head. Your yoga practice recharges and balances these centers, unplugging stuck energy and enhancing the flow of prana: life force.

The third eye is the sixth chakra. Balance this chakra and expect to see more clearly, dream better, get a handle on your life’s big picture.

This blog is inspired by my experiences as a yoga teacher, student and practitioner on Washington Island, Crooked Island and in studios, living rooms and on beaches between. Each week or so I’ll write about yoga/life/health issues as they come up in teaching and practicing. Along the way I hope you’ll ask questions or make comments of your own that I or someone in the group can respond to. Much as yoga unites body, mind and spirit, I hope Third Island Yoga will link and enrich our experiences of yoga wherever we are.

So, to get started, place your index finger on your third eye - the point right between your eyebrows. Close your eyes for a couple of breaths and imagine this point glowing with indigo colored light. Open slowly to a view of Third Island. This is the land of intuition, invention, possibility. The land where anything can happen.


Mari Anderson

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