Friday, April 9, 2010

DNA You Say?

Being a right-brained kind of person, I don’t have much occasion to stand next to the cutting edge of scientific thought. So while the results of the following experiments (first conducted fifteen years ago), have had lots of time to disseminate, they’re news to me.

HeartMath, a non-profit research organization, decided to explore and measure the effects of emotion on physical health. First, maybe after a morning cup of tea, they identified and documented an electromagnetic field of energy that not only surrounded, but extended way beyond the heart. (We’re talking five to eight feet in diameter here - imagine yourself in the middle of an invisible net large enough to catch a juvenile pterodactyl). Then, with the hypothesis that emotion originates from the heart, not the brain, they decided to see if the energy field had anything to do with conducting emotions generated by the heart to other parts of the body.

They trained people in a super-charged form of feeling called “coherent emotion.” Coherent emotion is developed by purposefully shifting focus from the brain to the heart. It is intuitive, positive, powerful and takes time to learn. Once their team was able to emote some high-voltage unconditional love they turned them loose on beakers containing human DNA samples. And then they measured the physical effects of conscious loving intention.

The next time you think (wait, don’t think, feel) your heart-centered feelings have only nominal effect, consider this: HeartMath’s DNA samples were both visually and chemically altered after receiving a dose of positive coherent emotion. DNA molecules actually wound or unwound depending on the intent focused on them.

How can we mere mortals access “coherent emotion”?

By developing an intelligent heart.

(To be continued).

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