Monday, April 12, 2010

Smart Heart

When you’ve got some time and you’re in the mood for an experiment, try this: Find some music (preferably instrumental) that’s somewhere between nod-off and finger-snap. If you’ve got an IPod and can put together playlists, select enough songs to total about ten minutes. If you’re not IPod rated, find a CD that fits the above description. The music should make you happy, but not to the point of dancing.

Now roll out your mat. Find a comfortable, seated position, adjusting it at any time during the practice if you need to. Close the eyes. Release the day. Take three complete breaths with your heart instead of your lungs. On each inhale, pulse peace into all your cells. On each exhale release something you dislike about yourself. (If there’s nothing you dislike about yourself, you can substitute something you dislike about someone else. If there’s nothing you dislike about anyone else, I would like you to be my teacher.)

With the eyes still closed, lace your fingers behind your back. Roll the shoulders back and down and open the chest. Inhale into your heart and feel 5% more love for yourself than you ever have before. Exhale and feel for sensation in your heart and chest. Repeat several times, then release the hands and lace again with the opposite finger on top. Take a couple more breaths: love on the inhale, sensation on the exhale.

Place the hands comfortably in your lap. Let your heart capture your next thought before your mind puts its spin on it. No matter what the thought, use your heart to feel, rather than think, your reaction to it. Take the feeling, dip it in compassion and sprinkle clarity on top.

Slowly open your eyes. Feel free to dance.


  1. mari- I continue to be a fan and love your words..thanks for sharing.