Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Spot

To: Aeron, Barb, Beulah, Carla, Carolyn, Christel, Cindy, Clancy, Eric, Fritz, Hanne, Jean-Marie, Jeff, Joann, Julia, Kari, Mary, Melina, Nancy, Paula, Rachel, Sandy, Scott, Shirley, Sue, Hanne, Wanda, Wendy, and anyone I missed.

This winter, we centered and stretched and moved and breathed together. Some of you came to class once. Many came twice a week for several months; others several times while visiting Crooked Island.

To all of you who shared the experience of yoga nourished by the sound and rhythm of the ocean and smell of salt air, I thank you. Whenever peaceful consciousness and gentle intent is shared by a group, it brightens not only our individual interior landscape, but sweetens the space around, between and beyond us.

The world needs more of that kind of energy. We did our part, guys. Well done.

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